Hello! I’m Allison. I am a wife first, a working mom of two littles second, and a major coffee addict third, hailing from Lincoln, Nebraska. I work full-time at an amazing tech company in the Silicon Prairie and love to make things with my hands at night.

I started experimenting with yarn dyeing when I was searching for a specific color for a project I was working on and, to be honest, it looked like a ton of fun. I quickly realized my newfound passion and have been dyeing up a storm ever since. I love playing with color and being pushed outside my comfort zone.

Everything you’ll find in the shop was handcrafted by me, in my home. The yarn bases I use are locally sourced from a cruelty-free establishment.

Please feel free to ask me anything – I am an open book!


  • I knit like I get paid for it.
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with Maroon 5 and Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically Groot. 🌱
  • I love to read and my favorite book series is Throne of Glass.
  • My body runs off coffee, rootbeer, and Vanilla Bean Blonde.
  • I’ve completed a half marathon AFTER having back surgery! 💪🏼