Stash Dash! What is it? What are you even talking about? Check out the Ravelry Thread from the Knit Girllls or better yet, their YouTube video that explains all the rules!

Mamainamanse tipped me off to this and with the ridiculously amount of UFOs I have and the big plans for knitting over the summer.

I’ll have to do a bit of calculating to figure out which FL I’m shooting for. (I’ll update this blog post once I’ve decided!)


  1. There Is Room For Everyone Socks ~ 30%: just completed the first heel flap & gusset
  2. Jager Bomb Socks ~ 25%: Ready for a heel on the first sock
  3. Zweig ~ Just completed the lace yolk
  4. Wisteria Lane Socks ~ 65%: past the heel on the second sock
  5. Exploration Station ~ 90%: On the last section
  6. Summer Sock Club – June Sock (Scout) ~ Not yet started
  7. Countless other projects that are languishing at the bottom of the pile.


Things I Plan on Casting On Soon

  1. Blooming Brioche
  2. Tegna
  3. Frozen Skies
  4. Probably more socks!



  1. I have a couple spinning projects on the go and will likely be introducing more because I want to participate in Tour de Fleece this year.

I plan on updating this post as I progress through my wips!

Project Finished Yards Finished Meterage
There Is Room For Everyone Socks HO!
Impressionist MKAL Shawl 712 651
Exploration Station 820
Unicorn Hair Handspun (2 ply) 103 94 x 2 = 188
Sabiduria Handspun (3 ply) 110 100.5 x 3 = 301.5
Scout Socks
Sugar Plum Fae Socks 241
Total Meterage 2,201.5 meters

You can follow along with my Stash Dash on Ravelry! >> theLoftyLoops on Ravelry



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