Shortie Socks and Yarn Chicken for Christmas

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 1.01.30 PMWhen I picked up my first skein of Regia, I was so enamored by the colors that I didn’t realize I was only hold 50 grams of yarn. Noob mistake. A typical pair of socks for me takes around 60 grams to complete, but I had my heart set. Enter the shortie socks.

I started these toe up, one at a time and figured I would knit them until I was about halfway through the ball of yarn and then start the other. In the process of knitting, my scale crapped out of battery life, so I was literally winging it.

The toe was cast on using Judy’s Magic Cast On* in 14 stitches and then increased to 64 with the magic loop method. Instead of doing the typically M1R or M1L, I tried the YOs instead and I think I like that much better. No needing to remember if I’m on an increase row or not! Winning!


I knit in plain stockinette until I reached the correct foot length and added a Fish Lips Kiss (FLK) heel. I was tempting fate by adding an additional inch of stockinette before starting the 2×2 ribbing. After around 20 rounds (I never count!), I bound off with Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off*.

At this point, I had finagled a new battery into my scale and threw the sock on there while biting my nails. 24 grams, people. WHAT. I had done it. Great success. Now, this was all assuming that the full ball was, in fact, 50 total grams – but I had done it.


After completing the second sock, I was left with just under a gram of yarn. Yarn chicken at its finest. 👌🏼

If you’d be interested in my Shortie Sock Pattern as a free download, comment or message me! If there is enough interest, I’ll get a pretty PDF made to share.

Ravelry Project Page

*Google it. There are TONS of YouTube videos!

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