Repeatable & Regular Colorways

These colorways are shop regulars. All of our regular colorways get dyed on all bases and they’re restocked frequently. If you don’t see a specific base available in stock, please send us a message and we’ll get it for you! 

Rose Gold

Dinna Ken



700 Jumps Ain't Healthy Boy

Giggy Darling

Salt the Rim



Sushi for Lunch

Blue Jean Baby

Cinnamon Stick


Fall Feels

Dance of the Druids

Mermaid Lagoon


Sunday Morning

Wisteria Lane

Bronzed Beauty



Holiday & Seasonal Colorways

Holiday colorways are exclusive to the holiday seasons. They are dyed regularly leading up to each holiday and then retired for the year, if not forever. (Grab them while you can!)

Sally (Halloween 2017)

Tulips for Lovers (Valentine's Day 2018)

Candied Pecans (Christmas 2017)

Sugar Plum Fae

Raspberry Creme (Valentine's Day 2018)


Loopholes (one of a kind skeins or batches)

Loopholes are one of a kind batches or individual skeins. They are non-repeatable and once they’re gone, they’re gone. View Loopholes